Intro to the course

Hi there! My name is Alexis, and I am super excited that you've decided to purchase my Productivity Course Bundle. The idea of this course is to cover different topics that may be causing your productivity to suffer and how to fix them as well as some mindful tips to stay on track. The topics include the following:

1. Re-connecting with ourselves

2. De-clutter

3. Routines

4. Planning

5. Distractions

6. Over working

7. Finding your "why"

8. Procrastination

9. Multitasking

10. time management

11. prioritizing

12. Automation

13. perfectionism

14 . Fear of starting

15 . Dealing with overwhelm

16. Finding focus

17. Motivation

Not only will you have this course teaching you all of the steps to being more productive than ever before, but it also doubles as an interative course as well. I will have activities for you to do after each lesson that you can do as often as you'd like.

It also tripples as an accountability group! You will have access to the support Facebook group exclusively for course members and joinable only upon invite to others. Some of the activities will also hold you accountable asking you to share your progress on Instagram and Facebook in the group.

I want the hashtag to be filled with pictures of you being productive, getting a new project started, organizing your workspaces, getting a new planner, or even just motivating each other to stay on track. I really want us to form a community over productivity and show how important it is in our daily lives.

This course is PACKED with freebies and content you can use whenever you need it. One thing I do ask is PLEASE keep the printables for personal use only and don't redistribute or sell them in anyway. I worked really hard on everything packed in here, so that's really the only thing I ask. (And that you get excited of course.)

The hashtag will be #Productivitybabes for Instagram.

To get all the bonuses associated with this course, check out the other page in the "Introduction" section! There you will find the ebooks, facebook group, and worksheets.

oh and if the course ever updates or I add more info, you'll recieve all of the updates as well with no extra cost to you if you've already purchased.