Please remember that all the information throughout the course is NOT meant to be taken as any professional or surefire advice. The information in this course has helped me become more productive and is meant to give advice to you too. Individual results will vary! Remember to be more productive it requires effort and patience, and finding what works best for YOU. Any of the medical topics is strictly based on my research and personal experience. I AM NOT a medical professional and cannot tell you how certain things will affect or not affect you. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical questions.

This course is an extension of the 14 days of productivity mini course i held back in 2017. A few topics will be the same with added information, new resources, and updated versions of old resources. Please contact me for specific questions.

I cannot guatentee that this course will help you (and neither can any other course for that matter) since everyone is different and this is all based off my own research and personal experience.